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About us


The University of Art Braunschweig (HBK Braunschweig) is an internationally orientated university specialising in the arts with the right to confer doctoral and ‘Habilitation’ (professorial) degrees. With around 1,000 students enrolled on degree courses which include Fine Art, Art Education, Design, Art History and Aesthetics, and Media Studies, the HBK Braunschweig is one of the biggest universities of the arts in Germany. Our state-of-the art workshops and laboratories offer optimal conditions for thinking and learning, working and artistic practice.

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Workshops and laboratories

All HBK Braunschweig students have access to a 5,000 m2 complex of workshops and laboratories where they can learn and practise both innovative and traditional skills. These include woodwork, metalwork, paper-based crafts, ceramics, sculpture, model-building, typography, layout and various printing techniques. We also offer a photographic studio and laboratories for analogue and digital photography plus facilities for film and video technology, sound art, computer animation and computer-aided design (CAD). Students are supported by highly qualified, specialised workshop leaders.

Events organised by teaching staff and students

View of Johannes-Selenka-Platz © HBK/Frank Sperling

View of Johannes-Selenka-Platz © HBK/Frank Sperling

The HBK’s own gallery, the Assembly Hall (‘Montagehalle’) and other spaces in and around the HBK Braunschweig offer a changing programme of exhibitions and events. Many events take place in collaboration with HBK Braunschweig students and are based on student projects.

The HBK Braunschweig is a space where students, staff and visitors can experience the freedom to think outside of conventional norms, exploring new areas of activity and developing their personalities at their own pace according to their individual abilities.

Facts and figures

1,022 students enrolled in autumn semester 2018/19
68% women
11.5% international students from 38 countries
268 new students

133 graduates in the 2018 academic year
33 graduated with a Diploma
44 with a Bachelor degree
24 with a Master’s degree
28 with a “Meisterschüler” certification
4 with a doctorate

177 employees (01. 12.2018) 
49 professors
29 teaching staff
91 administrative, IT and technical staff
8 apprentices

Campus size: 26,213 m2 (01.01.2018) 
6,721 m2 teaching space
2,978 m2 studios/laboratories/IT zones
3,095 m2 workshops
3,610 m2 offices
952 m2 library
2,303 m2 archives/store-rooms/other usable areas
6,554 m2 ancillary spaces (corridors, outdoor areas etc.)

Total income 19,811,000 EUR
(figures from 2018 business plan)

15,820,000 EUR allocated funding (State of Lower Saxony)
2,070,000 EUR special funding (State of Lower Saxony)
896,000 EUR third party funding
25,000 EUR income from university fees/long-term study fees
1,000,000 EUR other income

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