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Laboratories and Workshops

Students who wish to complete their studies this summer semester can use the workshops, provided that all hygiene regulations are observed and appointments have been made.
In any case, please contact the workshop manager first by email. Describe briefly your project and the time required!

Pay attention to the hygiene concept of the HBK Braunschweig as well as to the current information on coronavirus.


At the HBK Braunschweig, staff and students have access to 24 workshops covering a total 3,000 square metres of floor space across three sites. The workshops have their own dedicated support team, with 26 members of staff specialising in different subject areas available to share their technical expertise and offer comprehensive support. Throughout their studies, students can turn to the team for help and advice on the tools and methodologies needed to realise their artistic concepts and ideas.

The following workshops are currently available: Moulding and Casting, Analogue Printing, Bench Space, Bronze Casting, Stagecraft and Stage Design, Digital Production, Digital Printing for Fine Art, Film and Video Technology, Reprographics, Photo Lab, Photo Studio, Wood Workshop, Ceramics Workshop, Sound Art Lab, Plastic Casting and Laminates, Lithography, Painting Techniques, Metal Workshop, Modelling and Plastics, Paper and Bookbinding, Etching, Screen and Silkscreen Printing, Typography and Layout.

We continually review our workshop offer to ensure that it meets the needs of our students. For example, during the recent renovation and re-siting of our photo studio it was updated with an infinity cove, while the Stagecraft workshop now has an additional rehearsal space. We have recently also purchased a new computer for Digital Production and a new print machine for Screen Printing, while also completely redesigning the photo lab.
The workshops offer a variety of courses specifically designed for various compulsory and elective modules. Students enrolled on the Fine Art degree course, for example, can attend workshops in “Artistic Practice” and “Workshop Practice”. In the area of design, students take courses in “Kleine Praxis” and “Große Praxis” (Minor/Major Practice), “Design and Technology Practice” and “Workshop Practice”, while Performing Arts students have the options of “Supervised Artistic Practice” and “Independent Artistic Practice”.
You can find out more about all the workshop courses in the online course catalogue.

It is also possible to use the workshops outside of the university courses.

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